StopRansomware: Play Ransomware [Tuesday, December 19, 2023]

StopRansomware: Play Ransomware [Tuesday, December 19, 2023]

StopRansomware: Play Ransomware

Description :
A joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CISA) and the FBI has issued a #StopRansomware advisory, urging businesses to take steps to protect themselves from the threat of the ransomware known as Play ransomware.

Published Created Modified
2023-12-19 13:41:30 2023-12-19 13:41:30 2023-12-19 13:56:45



Hashes :
  • 7a6df63d883bbccb315986c2cfb76570335abf84fafbefce047d126b32234af8
  • 75404543de25513b376f097ceb383e8efb9c9b95da8945fd4aa37c7b2f226212
  • e8d5ad0bf292c42a9185bb1251c7e763d16614c180071b01da742972999b95da
  • 7a42f96599df8090cf89d6e3ce4316d24c6c00e499c8557a2e09d61c00c11986
  • 47c7cee3d76106279c4c28ad1de3c833c1ba0a2ec56b0150586c7e8480ccae57
  • e652051fe47d784f6f85dc00adca1c15a8c7a40f1e5772e6a95281d8bf3d5c74
  • 7dea671be77a2ca5772b86cf8831b02bff0567bce6a3ae023825aa40354f8aca
  • c59f3c8d61d940b56436c14bc148c1fe98862921b8f7bad97fbc96b31d71193c
  • 453257c3494addafb39cb6815862403e827947a1e7737eb8168cd10522465deb
MITRE ATT&CK Techniques :

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