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Kapeka: A novel backdoor spotted in Eastern Europe [Thursday, April 18, 2024]

Spyware Targeting iOS Devices in Western Europe: Analysis of Capabilities [Thursday, April 18, 2024]

Malvertising campaign targeting IT teams with MadMxShell [Thursday, April 18, 2024]

The Fall of LabHost: Law Enforcement Shuts Down Phishing Service Provider [Thursday, April 18, 2024]

Unveiling Advanced Exploits in Cyber Recruiting Scams [Thursday, April 18, 2024]

Virus causes Ukrainian users to upload confidential documents to VirusTotal [Wednesday, April 17, 2024]

Analysis of the SoumniBot Android banker [Wednesday, April 17, 2024]

An Analysis of WINELOADER [Wednesday, April 17, 2024]

Threat Coverage: Evil Ant Ransomware [Wednesday, April 17, 2024]

Analysis of the APT31 indictment [Tuesday, April 16, 2024]

From Social Engineering to DMARC Abuse: The Art of Information Gathering [Tuesday, April 16, 2024]

Don't Take the Bait: The XWorm Tax Scam [Monday, April 15, 2024]

Connect:fun: New exploit campaign in the wild targets media company [Monday, April 15, 2024]

Renewed Espionage Campaign Targets Southern Asia, Possibly India [Monday, April 15, 2024]

Automating Pikabot's String Deobfuscation [Monday, April 15, 2024]

Analysis of the backdoor in XZ [Monday, April 15, 2024]

Zero-Day Exploitation of Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in GlobalProtect (CVE-2024-3400) [Friday, April 12, 2024]

Targets human rights defenders in North Africa with new malware [Wednesday, April 10, 2024]

Crypt888 ransomware: technical analysis of the malware [Wednesday, April 10, 2024]

Malware-Initiated Vulnerability Scanning Is on the Rise [Tuesday, April 09, 2024]

The Latest MuddyWater Attack Framework [Monday, April 08, 2024]

Raspberry Robin and its new anti-emulation trick [Monday, April 08, 2024]

Byakugan - The Malware Behind a Phishing Attack [Monday, April 08, 2024]

Phishing Deception - Suspended Domains Reveal Malicious Payload for Latin American Region [Friday, April 05, 2024]


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