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Threat Coverage: Evil Ant Ransomware [Wednesday, April 17, 2024]

Crypt888 ransomware: technical analysis of the malware [Wednesday, April 10, 2024]

Slicing up with Binary Ninja [Thursday, April 04, 2024]

An Ice Cold Intrusion [Thursday, April 04, 2024]

The ghost of TellYouThePass lingers [Tuesday, March 26, 2024]

TeamCity Vulnerability Exploits Lead to Jasmin Ransomware, Other Malware Types [Wednesday, March 20, 2024]

ShadowSyndicate Group's Possible Exploitation Of Aiohttp Vulnerability (CVE-2024-23334) [Tuesday, March 19, 2024]

CryptoWire with Decryption Key Included [Tuesday, March 19, 2024]

Ransomware Roundup โ€“ RA World [Monday, March 18, 2024]

CryptoWire ransomware with decryption key [Tuesday, March 12, 2024]

Ransomware: Attacks Continue to Rise as Operators Adapt to Disruption [Tuesday, March 12, 2024]

The Anatomy of a BlackCat (ALPHV) Attack [Monday, March 11, 2024]

Phobos Ransomware: Analysing associated infrastructure used by 8Base [Wednesday, March 06, 2024]

Multistage RA World Ransomware Uses Anti-AV Tactics, Exploits GPO [Wednesday, March 06, 2024]

GhostSecโ€™s joint ransomware operation and evolution of their arsenal [Tuesday, March 05, 2024]

#StopRansomware: Phobos Ransomware [Thursday, February 29, 2024]

StopRansomware: Blackcat [Wednesday, February 28, 2024]

Unmasking Lorenz Ransomware: A Dive into Recent Tactics, Techniques and Procedures [Friday, February 23, 2024]

RansomHouse am See [Monday, February 19, 2024]

Kryptina RaaS | From Underground Commodity to Open Source Threat [Wednesday, February 14, 2024]

The (D)Evolution of Pikabot [Wednesday, February 14, 2024]

Exploring the (Not So) Secret Code of Black Hunt Ransomware [Tuesday, February 06, 2024]

Trigona Ransomware Threat Actor Uses Mimic Ransomware [Friday, February 02, 2024]

Nitrogen shelling malware from hacked sites [Thursday, February 01, 2024]


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