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The New Version of JsOutProx is Attacking Financial Institutions in APAC and MENA via GitLab Abuse [Friday, April 05, 2024]

Malware Spotlight: Linodas aka DinodasRAT for Linux [Monday, April 01, 2024]

Unknown TTPs of Remcos RAT [Friday, March 29, 2024]

Android Malware Vultur Expands Its Wingspan [Friday, March 29, 2024]

Fake Browser Update Campaign [Thursday, March 28, 2024]

Rescoms rides waves of AceCryptor spam [Thursday, March 21, 2024]

Analysis of New DEEP#GOSU Attack Campaign Likely Associated with North Korean Targeting Victims with Stealthy Malware [Tuesday, March 19, 2024]

VCURMS: A Simple and Functional Weapon [Thursday, March 14, 2024]

DCRat: Step-by-Step Analysis in ANY.RUN [Friday, March 01, 2024]

Xeno RAT Abuses Windows DLL Search To Avoid Detection [Tuesday, February 27, 2024]

Unveiling UAC-0184: The Steganography Saga of the IDAT Loader Delivering Remcos RAT to a Ukraine Entity in Finland [Tuesday, February 27, 2024]

TicTacToe Dropper [Friday, February 16, 2024]

Fileless Revenge RAT Malware [Wednesday, February 14, 2024]

New backdoor used in long-term cyber espionage operation targeting an Islamic organization [Thursday, February 08, 2024]

โ€˜Tis the Season for Tax Hax [Wednesday, January 31, 2024]

Mexican Banks and Cryptocurrency Platforms Targeted With AllaKore RAT [Monday, January 29, 2024]

Malicious ads for restricted messaging applications target Chinese users [Friday, January 26, 2024]

A gamer turned malware developer: Diving into SilverRAT and it's Syrian roots [Tuesday, January 09, 2024]

UAC-0050 Remcos RAT: Pipe Method Used for Evasion in Ukraine Attack [Thursday, January 04, 2024]

Operation Blacksmith: Lazarus targets organizations worldwide using novel Telegram-based malware written in DLang [Tuesday, December 12, 2023]


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